City district Schwenningen

In Schwenningen, once the world's largest clock manufacturing city, time has not stood still. Here the duet of tradition and progress works. Here a magnificent Wilhelminian style villa, there a modern building - a symbiosis that never ceases to surprise.

It is also the source of the Neckar, the beginning of a 360-kilometer river journey into the Rhine. The source of the Neckar is located in the beautiful surroundings of the city park Möglingshöhe and enchants the visitors on the former State Garden Show area (from 2010) again and again.

Just stroll through the city center and visit one of the numerous charming stores and cafés.


The Muslenplatz has been the lively center of the city since 1981 and has developed into a popular meeting place. The Muslenplatz got its name from the small river Muslen, which today flows beneath drains. Once the center of Schwenningen was located here. Today institutions such as the city library or the Museum of Local History and Clocks are found here. Every Saturday (and Wednesdays in summer) the Muslenplatz is transformed into an event area for one of the largest weekly markets in the Schwarzwald-Baar-Heuberg region. At the annual Culture Night, the square is transformed into a large stage.

here you can find out what is going on at the Muslenplatz

Schwenninger Moos

Open around the clock, free admission

The Schwenninger Moos is a natural treasure on the edge of Schwenningen. The mire area on the European main watershed has surprises in store at any time of the day or year. In spring flora and fauna awaken, in summer rare plants can be discovered or the breeding of birds can be observed, autumn brings wonderful colors or mystical wafts of mist and winter enchants with steel blue skies, snow and glittering hoarfrost. The nature conservation ordinance helps to preserve this unique landscape. So a walk is always worthwhile.

further information is available on the website of the environmental center

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