It's not just that you get a lot of fresh air when riding your bike; cycling also allows you to explore nature and train your endurance at the same time. The speed at which you pedal down the quiet roads and paths of Villingen-Schwenningen and the surrounding area is up to you, along with your chosen destination.
Here in the Black Forest, you have many options for experiencing nature: Villingen-Schwenningen lies at the crossroads of the long-distance cycle routes Neckar Valley Cycle Route, Danube Cycle Route, Black Forest Panorama Cycle Route and the Heidelberg Black Forest Lake Constance Cycle Route. Discover which tour stage is your personal favourite!

The cycle route network around Villingen-Schwenningen

Villingen-Schwenningen is situated in the centre of many different regional as well as long-distance cycle routes. A special tip is the Three-World Cycle Route, which takes you through three landscapes and two countries in six stages. The 'Bicycle Route Whisperer' (Radwegflüsterer) offers you something unique along the way: Allow yourself to be told what is special about a place in the local dialect.

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Neckar Valley Cycle Route

In Villingen-Schwenningen in Möglingshöhe City Park, the Neckar emerges from a small spring. From here it starts its 362 km long journey through the Black Forest and the Swabian Alb to Mannheim. Along this important river, the Neckar Valley Cycle Route takes you past castles, vineyards, meadows and forests. The award-winning cycle Route has been recognised by the General German Bicycle Club (ADFC) as a Four-Star ADFC Quality Cycle Route and is suitable for the whole family.
Before you start your bike tour, a visit to Villingen-Schwenningen is worthwhile, as the city has a lot more to offer in addition to the origin of the Neckar River. The beautiful city centre in the district of Villingen invites you to take a city tour of the historic quarter. You can experience a great deal as you pass by gates, towers, churches and numerous cafés.
On the other hand, what was formerly the largest clock-making city in the world, the Schwenningen district, presents itself in a completely different way. Time has not stood still there. The Clock Industry Museum shows how the clock industry has shaped the city and provides insights into the past. The moorland of Schwenninger Moos is located a little outside the city. As a fascinating high moor with impressive flora and fauna, it feeds the source of the Neckar. An approximately 3 km long circular route illustrates the moor with explanations and makes it accessible to visitors.
Enjoy the ride along the Neckar River and past diverse landscapes from Villingen-Schwenningen to Mannheim.  
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Black Forest Panorama Cycle Route

According to the maxim of 'as much Black Forest with as little hill climbing as possible', the Panorama Cycle Route takes you over the most beautiful heights on the east side of the uplands. From Pforzheim in the north to Waldshut-Tiengen in the south, touring cyclists travel 280 km on paved cycle paths through valleys and over high plateaus with beautiful views. Villingen-Schwenningen is also listed as a stage location.
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E-Bike rental

Would you like to take an e-bike tour?  

Leave your bike behind and test an e-bike. It's an easy way to explore the beautiful historic city centre of Villingen, showing how pleasant cycling can be! The electric bicycle makes it possible.
Half-day price: €10
Full-day price: € 20
We would be happy to accept reservations by telephone.
Phone: 07721 82-2340
Further information on e-bike rental is available at the Villingen Tourist Information Office.
Bicycle maps are also available at the Villingen Tourist Information Office and at the Schwenningen Tourist Information Office in the train station.  

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