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Villingen-Schwenningen - a strong business location

About 85,000 inhabitants live in VS, the regional center of the Schwarzwald-Baar-Heuberg region. VS is the economic powerhouse of the region. Numerous high-tech companies, but also a diverse research and education landscape result in a strong network embedded in an excellent infrastructure.

Automotive - a focus in VS

Automotive is one of the city's main industries. Many companies in VS manufacture plastic injection molded parts, precision engineering and electronics for the automotive industry. Measurement and control technology products as well as micro and consumer electronics can also be found all over the world - quality, precision and reliability is the motto here!

Research location of high technologies and meeting point for turned parts manufacturers

VS is located in the middle of the turned parts cluster of the regions Heuberg, Schwarzwald-Baar as well as neighbouring Switzerland. The research and development department also plays a very important role. Institutions such as HSG-IMIT or the Steinbeis Transfer Center research today the technologies for tomorrow.

University and research location VS

In VS and the entire Black Forest-Baar district, there is an excellently functioning research network in cooperation with industry. More than 5300 students study at the HFU (Furtwangen University), the DHBW Villingen-Schwenningen as well as at the Police University. In addition to engineering and economics, the focus of studies is also on social sciences. The police academy trains officers for the upper level of the law enforcement service.

Genuine master craftsmanship

The development, production and distribution of electromagnets, time recording systems, fans, as well as process technology and lighting concepts are the carriers of leading technologies in VS.

Strong also in the service sector

The service sector is another steadily growing core competence of the VS regional center. In addition to software companies, there are numerous companies from the consulting sector - financial and credit service providers, management and tax consultants leave nothing to be desired.

Retail - strong, attractive, diverse

Attractive specialty stores in the city centers and the Schwarzwald-Baar Center on Neuer Markt characterize the retail location VS with their range of products. A shopping spree through the two city centers is simply twice as much fun here too!