Bild: Burg Hohenzollern

Excursions in the nearer surroundings

Up to 30 minutes

Trossingen (16 km)

The music city of Trossingen is the second largest city in the district of Tuttlingen with about 17,000 inhabitants. Special features are the natural swimming pool Troase, the harmonica museum with the world's most extensive collection of harmonicas, the oldest still operational electric railroad in the Trossingen railroad museum and the dinosaur skeletons in the Auberlehaus museum.

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Donaueschingen (19 km)

Discover the city at the source of the Danube! Where the journey of the Danube begins, the residential town of Donaueschingen awaits you with a lively combination of tradition and modernity. Stroll along the beautiful city center to the princely Fürstenberg castle and the extensive castle park, marvel at the Danube source and enjoy a fresh beer at the Fürstenberg brewery.

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Rottweil (20 km)

The oldest city in Baden-Württemberg lets you experience the coexistence of ancient and modern spirits. The medieval city center attracts with many interesting sights, a drive-up to the Thyssenkrupp test tower with Germany's highest viewing platform at 232m height allows a unique 360° panoramic view.

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Bräunlingen (25 km)

Experience home - discover nature! Experience a great mixture of exciting events: the annual Bräunlinger Kilbig, the street music Sunday every other year and our traditional Fasnet. With us you get many opportunities to discover nature: on foot and by bike - deep in the gorge or high above the roofs of the town. Discover the many details in our historic city center and enjoy the peace and quietness at Kirnbergsee.

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Triberg (30 km)

A natural spectacle of a special kind are Germany's highest waterfalls in Triberg. Foaming and roaring, the water of the Gutach falls down 163 m. On the paths along the seven falls you will experience a grandiose natural spectacle. Inform yourself on descriptive boards about animals, plants and special features of the waterfall area and observe the many squirrels along the paths.

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Furtwangen (30 km)

From observing the course of the sun to coordinated world time, Germany's most important collection of watches invites you on a journey through contemporary history. And of course the cuckoo is at home here! The collection has been in existence for over 160 years, today it counts more than 8000 objects from all over the world. Around one thousand clocks are visible to visitors, and they are presented in almost as many guided tours every year.

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Blumberg (33 km)

Historical train rides with the Sauschwänzlebahn: Tracks wind through the landscape, tunnels lead through mountains, valleys are overcome with stately bridges and in the middle of the line a historical locomotive. On the Sauschwänzlebahn you will experience nostalgic flair surrounded by beautiful nature. The track leads 25 kilometers from Blumberg Zollhaus to Weizen over four bridges, through six tunnels and back again.

Does not run daily, please note the timetable.

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From 30 minutes

Gutach (40 km)

Gutach is the home of the Bollenhut, because only here and in two further municipalities the Bollenhut is worn. But Black Forest and Gutach are more than only Bollenhut. Unspoiled nature and tradition are combined here with many leisure activities, inexhaustible sporting opportunities for all requirements. In the Black Forest Open Air Museum Vogtsbauernhof in Gutach you can experience how people lived and worked in the Black Forest. On a tour through the museum you will go on a journey through the whole region.

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Swimming Paradise Black Forest (51 km)

Short vacation in the Black Forest Caribbean: Wellness, recovery and action under one roof - Carribean feeling included inclusive. In the BADEPARADIES SCHWARZWALD you will be taken to a unique vacation paradise!

A dozen lovingly themed saunas in the PALAIS VITAL, fruity cocktails at the pool bar of the PALMENOASE and 25 unique water attractions in the GALAXY SCHWARZWALD.

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Albstadt (60 km)

Albstadt offers unique conditions for outdoor activities along the spectacular Albtraufkante. The ten premium hiking trails along the eaves make the region a premium hiking hotspot. Mountain bikers can enjoy 90 km of trails and a bike park with downhill routes. Winter sports enthusiasts will also get their money's worth on the cross-country trails, winter hiking paths and ski slopes!

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Hohenzollern Castle (60 km)

Counts, princes, kings and the German emperors have their roots here: at Hohenzollern Castle. Situated exactly between Stuttgart and Lake Constance, the fortress towers above the Zollernalb region and offers a fantastic panoramic view. Every day the castle opens its doors to guests from all over the world and offers insights into its magnificent showrooms. The castle's own café-restaurant and the summery beer garden invite you to linger. 

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Feldberg (64 km)

At 1493 meters, the Feldberg is the highest peak in the Black Forest, with numerous hiking trails, cross-country ski runs and 35 ski lifts for winter sports enthusiasts. The viewing platform of the Feldbergturm offers magnificent views as far as the Alps on a clear day, while the idyllic Feldsee and the Haus der Natur invite you to linger and discover. Museums, a climbing forest and the Fundorena offer various amenities for the whole family.

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Schaffhausen (70 km)

At the largest waterfall in Europe, the Rhine Falls, you will witness a magnificent natural spectacle that is always worth a day trip.

The possibilities are manifold: boat trip, climbing park, Rhine Falls lighting, museum and much more... An experience for the whole family!

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Stein am Rhein (77 km)

The Renaissance town of Stein am Rhein is famous for its well-preserved old town center with painted facades and half-timbered houses, for which it received the very first Wakker Prize in 1972. As colorful as the magnificent facades are presented, so is the palette of gastronomic delights.

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