What a theater!80 years Theater am Ring

The Theater am Ring will be 80 years old - and there are many good reasons to celebrate this birthday.

On October 19, 1940 - in the middle of the Second World War - the Theater am Ring in Villingen-Schwenningen was ceremonially opened. What started out mainly as a cinema with a modest stage and orchestra pit, developed over 80 years into a well-equipped guest performance theater, which to this day regularly provides inspiring encounters with stage art productions from Germany and all over the world, and is thus highly regarded throughout the region.

For 80 years, the Theater am Ring has been inseparably interwoven with Villingen-Schwenningen and the social life of the city and region. Because "no worthy, larger hall" was available in which cultural as well as political events could take place, the construction of the theater building - even in the resource-poor times of war - was recognized, approved and implemented as a necessity. The beginnings of the theater are thus perhaps marked by its value as an institution for Nazi propaganda, but its function as the most important and indispensable center of art and culture was ultimately of greater sustainability.

In the following decades, the Theater am Ring turned prominent artists into regular visitors. How many girls from Villingen and Schwenningen probably raved about the young Will Quadflieg, a star of the acting world at the time with numerous entries in the theater's guest books? The painter Otto Dix visited the theater for the premiere of a film about his life. Blues legend B.B. King was a guest at the jazz festival 'VS swingt'. Such encounters are still dazzling pearls in the treasure of citizens' memories.

As the birthplace of cultural and social events, the theater has shaped the history of the city. Events such as the jazz festival and the master concerts began here and continue to have an impact on the identity of Villingen-Schwenningen to this day - whether as the unbroken enthusiasm of many residents or as a permanent fixture in the calendar of events.

With the construction of the new stage house in 1997, the city enabled its theater to include technically complex productions in its repertoire. This reveals the high standards that the citizens and the municipal council cultivated for stage art.

Especially the work with children and young people shows how close the connection is between the institution Theater am Ring and the cultural experience of the people in our city. Even today, elementary school classes experience their first visit to the theater as a great adventure. They explore a new area of life, a place of culture and education beyond the school grounds that is impressive even as a building. Being on a real stage and putting on their own play as part of a project has also had a lasting impact on many young people. Beyond rational learning, here they can explore their own possibilities of expression, expressing their own emotions and ideas of aesthetics.

Last but not least, the theater is also a place of exchange and reflection. Guest performances from different countries allow the audience in the Theater am Ring to participate in international cultural events, to absorb new ideas and reflect on them. During the break of an inspiring evening, citizens also get into conversation with each other and deal with the perception and opinions of their fellow men.

What a theater! Indispensable meeting place, fertile ground for new ideas, well-equipped stage, impressive educational institution, house of communication and participation, of aesthetics and emotion - the Theater am Ring is not a matter of course and yet so necessary.

We look forward to the next 80 years of Theater am Ring!

Tuesday, 20. October 2020, 8:00 p.m.
Rock me, Hamlet!
Modern music theater after Shakespeare

Wednesday, 21. October 2020, 8:00 p.m.
Kino-Abend: Die große Liebe
Feature film with Zarah Leander (Germany, 1942)

Thursday, 22. October 2020, 8:00 p.m.
Theatre by Ferdinand von Schirach

Friday, 23. October 2020, 8:00 p.m.
Das Abschiedsdinner
Comedy by M. Delaporte and A. de la Patelllière

Saturday, 24. October 2020, 8:00 p.m.
Improvisational theater with audience participation

Friday, 30. October 2020, 8:00 p.m.
Dr. Nest
Mask theater with family Flöz

Friday, 13. November 2020, 8:00 p.m.
Lieder und so Sachen
Scenic interaction

Theater newspaper

The entire history of the Theater am Ring, interesting background information, memories of citizens of their experiences in this very special theater and early cinema and, of course, poetry in honor of the house - the Office of Culture has published a 16-page theater newspaper to mark the Theater am Ring's 80th birthday, which combines all of this. It is available at the Tourist Information and Ticket Services, in the libraries, at the Office of Culture and at other public places and can be taken along free of charge.